Workplace Discrimination Employment Law AttorneyAre You Facing Workplace Discrimination Or Labor Violations?

If you are struggling to resolve an issue at work, it can be difficult to know where to start. Labor-related disputes can pose some of the most challenging situations because of the way they directly affect your livelihood. Employment rights law is complicated. For any given industry, there are particular standards that your employer is required to meet in order to be compliant with state and federal labor laws. What’s more, these issues are particularly frustrating in that they often center around circumstances having to do with your safety, your health, and your time. So what are your options when your workplace becomes the source of a legal issue?

The answer is simple – contact an employment rights lawyer who can help you resolve the matter as soon as possible.

California State And Federal Laws Protect Your Rights

California workers’ rights are supported by local and federal laws. This means that you are legally protected from employer misconduct, discrimination, payment disputes, and more. Among other protections, workers in California have the right to:

  • A workplace that is free from conditions that could cause illness or injury.
  • Fair wages that are paid in a timely manner.
  • A working environment that does not condone, encourage, or attempt to cover up harassment or discrimination of any kind.
  • File a complaint against their employer or coworker(s) without fear of retaliation.
  • Protection under wage and hour laws that require non-exempt employees to be provided with overtime pay and work breaks.

While the laws regarding these matters are clear, the situations that they apply to are often far from cut-and-dry. With many nuances and factors that are specific to each case, it’s critical that you have an expert labor attorney on your side.

An Employment Lawyer From Our Firm Can Help You Through This

By working with a labor rights attorney from Adams & Associates, you can find the relief that comes with knowing that you don’t have to go through this alone. Our team is dedicated to making sure that everyone gets to work in a healthy environment. The truth is, employment law focuses on many things. But we believe that the most important among them is your time, effort, and well-being. When you show up to work, you should never have to worry about whether you might get harassed – or wonder if you’ll actually be paid. That’s why we make it our job to stand by your side and fight tirelessly for your right to safe and fair employment.

Our Areas Of Focus Include

  1. Unpaid Wages: We aid victims of wage theft in California, ensuring labor laws compliance and recovery of due pay, amplifying your rights under employment law.
  2. Unpaid Overtime: Championing labor rights, we support employees unlawfully denied overtime pay, navigating complex California labor laws for just compensation.
  3. Wrongful Termination: In wrongful termination cases, we advocate for California employees, seeking justice for improper dismissals, upholding state and federal employment laws.
  4. Age Discrimination: Confronting age-based prejudice in workplaces, we fight for equality and fairness in California, challenging discriminatory employment practices.
  5. Sex Discrimination: We’re committed to gender equality in the California workplace, opposing unfair treatment and sex-based discrimination, promoting just environments for all.
  6. LGBTQ Discrimination: Advocating for equal treatment in California workplaces, we stand against discrimination towards LGBTQ individuals, challenging bias and promoting equality.
  7. Race Discrimination: Upholding racial equality in California workplaces, we oppose racially biased actions, advocating for diversity and equal opportunities for all.
  8. National Origin Discrimination: We confront bias based on nationality or ethnicity in California, ensuring equal opportunities and a discrimination-free work environment.
  9. Retaliation Whistleblower Harassment: We safeguard whistleblowers in California facing retaliation, promoting transparency within organizations and addressing workplace misconduct.
  10. Gender Pay Gap: We aim to rectify income disparities based on gender in California workplaces, advocating for wage equality and pay transparency.
  11. Unfair Treatment: Championing employee rights in California, we address unfair practices, fostering respect and fairness in work environments.
  12. Disability Discrimination: In California workplaces, we combat discrimination against individuals with disabilities, promoting inclusivity and equal rights.
  13. Pregnancy Discrimination: Advocating for pregnant employees in California, we challenge workplace prejudices, ensuring equal treatment and protection of maternity rights.
  14. Meal & Rest Break Violations: In cases of meal and rest break violations in California, we enforce labor standards and worker rights, ensuring employees receive their due breaks.
  15. Independent Contractors: We focus on the rights of independent contractors in California, addressing misclassifications, ensuring fair treatment, and protecting contractor rights.
  16. W2/1099 Disputes Unreimbursed Expenses: Navigating complex financial issues in California, we handle disputes over tax forms and unreimbursed expenses, securing due reimbursement for workers.
  17. Class Action: Specializing in class action lawsuits in California, we represent groups suffering due to common unlawful practices, protecting collective rights and interests.

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