You work hard...

… and deserve to be properly paid. In most circumstances, regardless of whether or not you're paid a salary, hourly, a commission, or even if you're an independent contractor, you're entitled to be compensated for all the time that you work, including extra pay for overtime. You're also owed days off, time to rest, an accurate statement of your pay, and your accrued benefits.

If your employer has denied you any of these rights, or has harassed you, required you to break a law over your objections, or has fired you or changed your work or pay after you raised concerns, you may entitled to payment for these wrongs, including significant penalties. Contact us for a free consultation.

Contact us if you have:

  • been denied overtime pay or days off
  • been denied accurate statements of pay or benefits
  • experienced harrassment
  • been required to break the law over your objections
  • been fired or changed your work after raising concerns
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