You are a person...

… but many corporations can't see that. They see you as a penny on their bottom line. They profit off of the harm they cause you, and paying for the rare claim is just a factor in the cost of doing business.

Worse yet, after they’ve defrauded you or injured you or someone you love, big companies prey on your fear to keep you from making them pay for what they’ve done.

When these corporations make unsafe products that you use or give to your children, add mysterious charges to your bills, or they mislabel or falsely advertise their products to get you to buy something you otherwise wouldn't have, call us. At Adams & Associates we hold them accountable.

Contact us if you have:

  • been victimized by fraudulent charges
  • bought something that was not what it was labeled
  • bought something because of false promises
  • been poisoned or injured by lead or other toxic chemicals
  • lived in a home or apartment with lead paint
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